Online English and Spanish Courses

Online English and Spanish courses for all levels

Learning English or Spanish with Keely Algar Languages is easy.

All you need is an internet connection and you will receive a real-time lesson tailored to your needs. Lessons take place through Skype, therefore eliminating travel costs and saving time to attend a course.

Check out the list of online courses and learn quickly and comfortably!



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The best online English and Spanish courses and translation services.

Keely Algar Languages offers online English and Spanish courses for all levels using Skype.
In order to attend the lessons you only need a good Internet connection. You will be able to have private classes saving on travel costs and time at a reasonable price.

We also offer translation services of all type of documents.

Avoiding Technical Problems with Skype

There are some recommended steps to follow in order to avoid technical problems during a lesson:

1. Download the latest version of Skype on your computer.

2. For a more stable connection, connect your Internet cable directly to your…

Equipment required

A broadband Internet connection, a webcam, a headset and Skype installed on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Other online resources such as QQ or Facetime are also tools that can be used for the lessons.


- Flexible, effective and fun.

- Tailor made lessons for your individual needs.

- Learn English or Spanish whenever and wherever you want.

- Eliminate travel costs and save time.

Course Expiry Dates

There will be an expiry date applied to each course package once it has commenced:

  • 5 hour package expires after 7 weeks
  • 10 hour package expires after 15 weeks
  • 20 hour package expires after 23 weeks
  • 30 hour package…

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