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our company is a language and communication agency that has been providing a wide range of educational courses over the last 7 years.

In our agency, we pride ourselves on being a very professional team conformed of individuals with very different backgrounds that all share a passion for communication. 

Online Language Courses: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Russian

Online Language courses for all levels


Learning languages with Keely Algar Languages is easy.

All you need is an internet connection and you will receive a real-time lesson tailored to your needs. Lessons take place through Skype, therefore eliminating travel costs and saving time to attend a course.

Check out the list of online courses and learn quickly and comfortably!



Free Trial Lesson for the language courses

Get a free trial lesson for any of the courses you choose

If you want to try it out before starting any of our courses offered, book a free trial.

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Payment Method

Once you have chosen the course you require, please send us an email at info@keelyalgarlanguages.com and we will send you our bank account details so you can go ahead with the transfer. 

There is also the possibility of paying through Paypal,...


- Flexible, effective and fun.

- Tailor made lessons for your individual needs.

- Learn English or Spanish whenever and wherever you want.

- Eliminate travel costs and save time.

Course Expiry Dates

There will be an expiry date applied to each course package once it has commenced:

  • 5 hour package expires after 7 weeks
  • 10 hour package expires after 15 weeks
  • 20 hour package expires after 23 weeks
  • 30 hour package expires after 31 weeks
  • 40 hour...


 A minimum of 24 hours notice is necessary in order to cancel or reschedule a lesson. If this notice is not provided, students will be charged for the lesson.


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