It all starts with the importance of providing professional online communication services...

Our company is a language and communication agency that has been providing a  wide range of educational courses throughout the last 7 years. 
Keely Algar Languages was born through a passion for languages and communication as a whole. Together with Keely Algar and an extensive team of professionals we deliver online courses stretching out from language and communication to coaching and leadership skill trainings. 
In our agency, we pride ourselves on being a very professional team conformed of individuals with very different backgrounds that all share a passion for communication. 
Keely Algar, a linguist at heart, is a professional language teacher, translator and interpreter who has lived in many European and Asian countries throughout the past 13 years. She has dedicated her entire academic and professional life to learning languages and now speaks 7 fluently.  
Dominic Ruiz, our main editor and communications teacher, has been a Linguistics teacher in a number of universities in the UK and is now a lecturer at the University of Utrecht, Holland. He has 2 Linguistics related MAs and is a published linguist currently undertaking his PhD, which focuses on Competence and Critical Thinking. 
For our English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Chinese courses we have a large team of teachers who have all undergone professional language teacher training and are all certified. 
Our business coaches all have vast experience in the business sector as former members of international companies, are ICF qualified and have undergone the training to deliver our Executive & Career courses as well as the Cross-Cultural & Leadership Training.