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Online Spanish courses for any level and goal

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We cover all your needs: we offer general classes, created to suit both beginners and advanced levels.
Are you taking interest in the language for the first time and want to learn Spanish from scratch? Do you already have a good level of Spanish and wish to perfect it? Do you need to prepare for an exam or improve your language skills in a particular field? Keely Algar Languages is your best option. 

You can take the number of classes you want, as frequently as you like, but you will always notice how you improve, strengthening your grammar knowledge and improving your fluency, until you get to the point where you can comfortably interact in any kind of conversation.

Furthermore, our classes are held via Skype: you only need an Internet connection and a webcam so the teacher can see you, and your course will be more comfortable as far as schedules and transport costs are concerned. You will also be able to interact with your teacher as in a normal face-to-face class.

Lessons are individualised with one student at a time, therefore receiving all the teacher's attention for any doubt or question you may have receiving maximum benefit.


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