Vocabulary: Differences between travel, journey, trip, voyage and tour

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The Summer holidays are around the corner so it is definitely a good time to post an article on my blog explaining the difference between all these words. 


Travel, journey, trip, voyage and tour can be easily confused by all those students learning English, so below are clear explanations of how to use the 5 terms: 




The word travel is used to talk about the act of travelling in general.

1. My hobbies are music and travel (en vez de 'I love cinema and travel')
Travel can be both a noun and verb. As a noun, it names the act of going from one place to another; and as a verb it describes the action of doing so. 

*Verbs: Louise travels a lot for work
*Nouns: Travel the way you wish to go

*Nouns: Travel the way you wish to go
*Verbs: People spend a lot of money on travel
In some instances the noun travel can be used in the plural, especially when visiting multiple places. 

Example: Where have you been on your travels?



Journey is used to refer to the time of travelling from A -- (necesito una flecha!!) B and how, e.g. bus journey, car journey and train journey. 

*How was your journey? (en vez de Did you have a good journey?)
*The journey was terrible, it took us 10 hours to arrive to the capital. 



Voyage is used to describe a journey that is long and challenging with the aim of discovering new places, e.g. a voyage into space or a voyage across seas. 

*Marco Polo went on many voyages and discovered many new places
*The astronauts were very happy to arrive after their long voyage


A trip refers to the journey taken for pleasure or business, e.g. a boat trip or business trip.

*I remember my first school trip to Barcelona Zoo
*My first business trip in China was to Shanghai



Tour refers to the organized act of seeing a place of its sights, e.g. a tour of the city or a tour of a country. We went on a nice tour around the South of Spain for ten days
*My favourite band is touring around Europe at the moment
To ensure you remember these differences click and save the poster above!




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