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Cross-Cultural and Leadership Training

Cross-cultural courses in effective international communication and leadership include:

  • Presenting to a multi-cultural audience
  • International Negotiation skills
  • Explaining leadership concepts and the birth of global leadership
  • Developing culture-specific awareness through cultural due diligence
  • Identify and apply skills for behavioral and cognitive code shifting
  • Recognizing strategies to successfully lead global teams
  • Distinguishing between interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Integrating intercultural communication frameworks into cross-cultural connection and leadership issues
  • Evaluating models of global leadership development and styles
  • Comparing/contrasting global leadership capabilities
  • Recognizing the role of culture in global change leadership
  • Identifying and diagnosing competencies of successful global leadership
  • Recognizing competencies of global leadership in one’s self and others
  • Formulating the construction process of a global mindset
  • Designing/justifying (in teams) a global leadership conceptual graphic based upon the identified competencies of global leadership


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