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Public Speaking Presentations

In this course you will be working on the following skills:


Presentation oratory development

  • Introduction to communicative competence, including paralinguistic features (body language and prosody)
  • Considering the audience and register
  • Structuring your presentation (macro structure – micro, including signposting)
  • Rhetoric and the art of oratory: analysis of key rhetorical devices used in iconic speeches)
  • Individualised analysis (video and written reports) to promote introspective skills
  • Presenting reports, ideas, and making suggestions in a meeting
  • Conflict resolution analysis and development


Writing development

  • The building blocks of written language: from the clause to full-text. This is essential in providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of how written language is structured and how nuances in form and function can impact the power of an utterance
  • Genre and style analysis
  • Writing reports
  • Email correspondence: register, structure and the ´mirroring technique´ to help develop relationships
  • Social media posts: style, ethics, impact


 Pronunciation development and Accent Training

  • A tailored diagnostic to improve individual´s intelligibility and increase utterance effect by focusing on intonation, sentence stress, and pace
  • A comprehensive review of the phonological system of English and factors that can cause difficulty when conversing with native speakers


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