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Vaiva Zvirblyte (Vilna, Lithuania)

I've studied Spanish at a beginner level with Keely. I have very high requirements for my language teachers and I found her to be great at her job. What I like most about her classes is her systematic approach. Keely would always categorize all the new information that she was giving her students, she would explain the rules and answer all the "why" questions. Besides, she would always give us relevant examples and provide rich cultural context. She's helped me to lay a firm foundation for my further Spanish studies and gave me a clear idea about the basic structure of Spanish language. To my opinion, she's a naturally gifted teacher and has chosen her profession wisely.


Talya Shaharabani (Telaviv, Israel)

There is a good teacher and there is a great teacher. Keely proves to be a great teacher, thanks to her flexibility, creativity, enthusiasm, smile, patience and dedication. Keely is always on time and well prepared to her classes. She offers a wide range of interesting topics, which are designed especially to my own level and personal capabilities. She combines different types of styles and methods which makes the classes very interesting, fruitful and fun and she continuously tries to “push” me a little further, so that I can improve my Spanish and become more confident and fluent. Although I am living in a different time zone to Keely and travelling frequently, she is always happy to adjust her schedule to accommodate mine, even if she had to wake up on 6am! Highly recommended!

Crystal Tang (Shanghai, China)

I met Keely a year and a half ago. During this time my English has seen a significant improvement. At the beginning, like the most Chinese, I was not confident to speak English at all. Keely has always been encouraging me and guiding me to express my opinion. Furthermore, I would say Keely is the most patient teacher that I have ever met. She has an incredible amount of patience and always waits for me to finish every single sentence on my own. As far as I know, Keely is just like a language genius, she can speak many languages including Chinese, which is always useful when I get stuck. If you give learning English with Keely a chance, I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

Kerry Collins (Melbourne, Australia)

After numerous attempts of trying to learn Spanish at different private language schools, I almost lost hope of learning the language at all. It was always impossible to reconcile work with any language courses I ever put my name down for until I gave learning Spanish through Skype a try. I was admittedly sceptical of studying online at the beginning but the advantages and convenience of it came clear to me after the first trial lesson. I could now study from wherever and at whatever time was best for me. Keely has been key for my vast improvement for the past two years and I would highly recommend her to anybody who wishes to see immediate results. Her stamina, motivation, flexibility and professionalism make her a highly recommendable language teacher.

Xandy Huang (Shanghai, China)

As a Legal Business Advisor for international companies in China I decided to take one step up by registering for Cambridge’s ILEC exam a year ago. I usually have a very hectic work schedule and can never really commit to a set time for the lessons. Keely was very understanding from the very beginning and was very flexible by letting me change the lessons’ times on a regular basis.

During our classes Keely prepared very useful exercises and I sat multiple mock exams covering topics such as contracts, employment and real property law.

We are still studying for the exam and I am sure I will pass thanks to Keely’s dedication and professionalism.

Furthermore, I would highly recommend her to Chinese students since she can speak the language fluently and has lived in Shanghai for four years. Overcoming the linguistic and cultural barriers is so much easier with her Chinese skills!

Vicenç Ferré Morató (Tarragona, Spain)

I have been taking English lessons with Keely for the past three months and I can already see a vast improvement in my speaking and listening skills. I completely recommend her to anybody expecting quick results. Keely is very efficient and extremely patient. I am also very happy with how comfortable learning through Skype is and her teaching methodology as a whole.

Susana Riera Raajmakers (Barcelona, Spain)

I can strongly recommend Keely to anybody who wishes to improve their English skills as a whole. I have been taking conversational lessons for the past year and I have really enjoyed every single lesson. The classes are very well-structured and the topics we talk about are always interesting. The two weekly hours I have go by very quickly and they are far removed from the boring English classes we had at school!

Shirley Qing (Shanghai, China)

I had been assured a promotion in an international company I work for in Shanghai as long as my English improved. I had always hated studying English throughout my high school and university years, so picking up the language again just seemed daunting to me. I usually work until very late and do not really have a set schedule. Therefore, studying at a private language school was not a possibility for me. As a typical Chinese student learning English I never had the confidence to speak and was never able to string two words together. I have now completed a year and a half with Keely over Skype and my English has really improved. I have now gained confidence enough to speak to my clients in English and to attend meetings without worrying about it the night before. I have slowly overcome my insecurity and the cultural and linguistic barriers I had with my clients.

I have now been newly promoted in my job thanks to my new accomplished English skills and I have finally passed my MBA. Thank you Keely!

Jessica Zhou (Beijing, China)

Although my major had been in English Language & Literature back at the time, I felt I needed to take an exam to assess my language skills at all levels. IELTS would also open doors for me professionally speaking if I ever wanted to move abroad. This was just an idea at the beginning but after passing the IELTS exam with a 7.0 score I will be moving over to Canada the following year. My determination together with Keely's dedication and structured classes made the lessons we had over 11 months very pleasant. I really thank her for her continuous motivation and for always pushing me that little bit extra when I needed it.

Maria Marin Roca (Barcelona, Spain)

I decided to refresh the English I once learnt at school over a year ago. Keely and I started with conversational lessons twice a week and now we are preparing for the First Certificate exam. I never imagined I would improve so fast and that I would enjoy studying English so much.

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