Shirley Qing (Shanghai, China)

I had been assured a promotion in an international company I work for in Shanghai as long as my English improved. I had always hated studying English throughout my high school and university years, so picking up the language again just seemed daunting to me. I usually work until very late and do not really have a set schedule. Therefore, studying at a private language school was not a possibility for me. As a typical Chinese student learning English I never had the confidence to speak and was never able to string two words together. I have now completed a year and a half with Keely over Skype and my English has really improved. I have now gained confidence enough to speak to my clients in English and to attend meetings without worrying about it the night before. I have slowly overcome my insecurity and the cultural and linguistic barriers I had with my clients.

I have now been newly promoted in my job thanks to my new accomplished English skills and I have finally passed my MBA. Thank you Keely!

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